International K9 Company Video
This video is a great place to start! It is a combination of news reports, customer interviews and
demonstrations.  It will help you get a better feel for our company, our dogs and how the process works.


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International K9 Training Videos
These videos show dogs undergoing various sport and training exercises.
Bark and Hold Sit Retrieve
Small Wall
Large Wall
a crowd
Courage Test Disarm
Basic Obedience Following
the scent
Pup jump training, this is a 6 mo pup! bird dog training Blind search Kidnap training
Download training Download a finished dog clip Special training wheel chair training Dion Sanders training
Police field sims. (8 min.) car stop house search Bite work & Dis-arm Knife dis-arm Civil protection

International K9 Customer Video Testimonials.
We are proud to present these video testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers.
TX Jorje, BTR,LA Manuels, WA Fendts, NY Armstongs, FL   King's MN.
RW McQuarters John Parrella, CA Mr. Ritter, Virgin Islands Pletchas, NV Illgen, IL Healy, AK Codys, CA
Kellys, Can. Finney Keri Carl Podolsky Prestwoods R. Kundig, OH
Cox's, TX Norths, TX Fortin M. Healy, AK Brian Reive    

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