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Mar. 25,2014

This service gives you private access to your dogs training log, pictures, training videos and more!
Profiles are updated weekly. 
There is a $25.00 set up fee and a $50 monthly charge for access to you dogs training information.


Watch gun de-sensitizing training

Training Your Dog

Problem Solving
     If your dog has specific problems we can correct them for you. Problems such as, under-socialization (click here to see video of a under-socialized dog)( or, digging, biting, barking, jumping, chewing can all be corrected when the dog is shown the positive way to behave in a situation.  The problems are fixed by establishing a line of communication through obedience and showing the dog what TO do rather than what NOT to do. This method of training allows the dog to gravitate to the reward of behaving correctly rather behaving out of fear of discipline.

Level 1:
Your dog will be trained in basic obedience. This phase includes: heel, sit, down, stay, come, and finish.This is the only level of training we offer private lessons for, (locally) where the client brings us the dog and we show you how to obtain the phase 1 training. Any time the dog stays with us for training we also house break, socialize & do behavior modification.

Level 2:
All of the above, plus advanced training. This phase includes: Right turns, Left turns, and About turns. Turns are important because it lays the groundwork for off the leash training. Lays the ground work for the off leash training (phase3) and gets the dog thinking more, putting more of the work in the dogs hands.

Level 3:
All of the above, plus off the leash training. This phase teaches the dog that it is his/her job to stay at your side rather than you following the dog.
Your dog will work even with distractions (seen below, 5 dogs in a "down")

    There are two types of training to increase the protection your current dog provides.   First there is home guard which raises the dogs aggression and awareness around the house towards suspicious situations such as window entries or strangers.  Second, there is personal protection which teaches the dog who, what, where, when, how and when to stop biting. The dog can apply this knowledge is any situation. This is on a case by case basis and depends on our evaluation of the dog and owners.                                          

NEW! Clients may now place their company logo (by request) with a link to their site on our partner page, see       "Partner page"

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