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All of our German imports are trained to neutralize aggressive situations. This means that the dog knows to only use as much force as necessary to stop the aggressor. Many people mistake a protection dog as an indiscriminate biter. This is NOT TRUE. Our dogs are trained who, where, and when to stop biting. The dogs know to bark or snarl before biting, when repelling an aggressor.

Protection is a combination of various skills the dog has learned through many different tests and training exercises. For example, the courage test shows the dogs heart and nerves when attacking. During this test, the aggressor while running from the dog, suddenly turns around and threatens the dog. A courageous dog will continue through with the bite and disregard the threat.

Protection starts with a bark

After a bite occurs the dog releases into what is known as the "bark and hold." The dog will sit in front of the aggressor and continue to bark until instructed otherwise. If the aggressor moves,

Bark & Hold: only barking, no biting, unless the suspect makes a run for it!

runs or does anything exempt stand still, the dog will bite again. During the "bark and hold" the disarming can occur. This is where the owner of dog can disarm the aggressor while under the protection of the dog. Again, if the aggressor does anything but remain still the dog will bite. When the disarm is complete, the transport phase begins. The owner can instruct the aggressor to begin walking while the dog follows closely behind. If the aggressor begins to run or makes a sudden move, the dog will bite again.
This protection procedure can be preceded by what is known as "searching the blinds." This is a test in which the dog learns how to search for aggressors in hiding places such as bushes, closets, or other small buildings. When the dog locates an aggressor the dog begins to neutralize the situation with a bark and hold.


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