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International K9 Leashes

International K9 began producing its own leashes more than 10 years ago after store bought leashes failed to to meet our strict requirements.  Our leashes and traffic leads are made with 100 % USA Ladigo leather some are braided for strength. With the riveted leashes we use only copper rivets because they are the strongest; metal rivets will be easier and cheaper, but rust and break over time. The bolt snap is as important as the leash. Because of this we use a copper swiveling bolt snap, this insures the dog does not twist and tangle on the leash.


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  #P2410 # 1200 #4888 Body suit (NEW)

International K9 Clothing

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BOOKS  $15.00 ea. + Shipping
3 qt. food bowl Choke chains Dogtra High presure blow dryer
40Lbs. Precise rake Shedder Slicker
New service K9 art
If your dog is in training, purchased a dog or want to send a picture of your dog we now offer in house portraits of your dog. After you order your portrait, pay the fee of ($300) it will take us 1-2 weeks to send you your customized 11 x14 portrait, un framed. Shipping not included.

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