Steve Blair - Born in Los Angeles, California

Founder and owner, Steve began his career in 1987 at one of the most prestigious training facilities in Southern California, he became widely recognized for his ability to train dogs for such things as obedience, protection, tracking and agility. Soon he was recognized as a trainer of award winning, working dogs. His advanced knowledge of these skills led him to open International K-9, a facility dedicated to the ability to train a dog for any job, (Obedience, Protection, Tracking etc.) and personalized training and sales. Steve has repeatedly said “Working with only 5 dogs and clients at a time allows us to do a better job with the dogs and lets us accommodate our clients fully.”

Steve Blair at age 10


When he is not working Steve enjoys, bone fishing, scuba diving and boat racing (with his friends and clients in South America). Steve also enjoys water sports, snow skiing, martial arts, motorcycle racing and anything that is high performance!

To this day Steve and his friends, (who include his counterpart in Germany who was in the 2000 world competition representing Germany!) continue to sell dogs through out the world to private people, celebrates, police departments, military and much more.....


Steve in Germany with his colleagues


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