Wenja vom Langener

Birth Country:  Germany Color: Black Pedigree:  yes
Weight:  70 Lbs. Sex: Female    
Age:  2  yrs.     Training : Sch1

Description: Wenja vom Langener is a female that we got on the last trip, very hard to find all black dogs. She has sch1 and loves water a quality our client needed. She was in a family with kids and also 9 other dogs. We have had our eyes on her for some time. It's rare to get a female of this quality and training at such a young age...We have added video of some extra training because this dog will go with another to 1 client, video is of some gun training (preliminary) but very good for 1st time and also video of taking  a casual walk where the dogs, both are need to stay with the clients family. Taking frequent walks, so this is a must, you can see here this is no problem, we even walked by trash and the dogs paid it no attention! This video is labeled "walking". We we asked to add ATV training to this female, she's picking it up quick, shows our dogs can be shown everything!








    teeth! Imph Pass
training video gun training walking video training part 2
Machete training ATV video    

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