Birth Country: Italy Color: Blk-Red Pedigree: S.V.
Weight: 85 Lbs. Sex: Female Training Sch1
Age: just turned 4 Price: $14,500 Training Log: N/A

Description: This female is in out Texas facility, she was raised in a home with 9 other dogs. Some of those are female, so she will be a great family dog and good with kids too. Her protection is very very good and she bonds very quickly. If you have cats she would be perfect. She is civil (most females are not), this means she will bite the person not caring for the sleeve. Breeding her would be a smart decision in order to recover some of the cost of the dog. Once she has pups we would recommend selling the little ones for $1,500 per dog. One litter could be as many as 8-10 dogs. Upgrading her to Sch2 is possible and would require us sending her back to Germany for 2 months at a cost of $3,500, this would just make her pedigree better, (this would not be required to breed and get papers for the pups).

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