Gauner von Lexe

Birth Country:  Germany Color: Sable Pedigree:  yes
Weight:  85 Lbs. Sex: Male    
Age:  4 yrs.     Training : Sch3 KK1

Description: Gauner is a male, raised by a friend of our, he was with kids in his German home. This dog was in the Buda Seiger, to get to this competition the dog has to qualify in the top 100 dogs of around 2,000. Many trainers work for many years to get their dog to this level or even be in Bunda Siger just once in their life but never arrive. We were able to get Gauner and also get the trophy for our client. 5 time sch3 and also IPO3.We have added video of some extra training because this dog will go with another to 1 client, video is of some gun training (preliminary) but very good for 1st time and also video of taking  a casual walk where the dogs, both are need to stay with the clients family. Taking frequent walks, so this is a must, you can see here this is no problem, we even walked by trash and the dogs paid it no attention! This video is labeled "walking" . Now, as  requested by the client we are adding training to Gauner, we are showing him to ride on the back of a ATV. This was not included in the original wish list but luckily the quality of the dog will allow us to show him this. Here you will be able to see him learn it over the next weeks by seeing pictures and videos.






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