Tim von der Dunieschenke

Birth Country: Germany Color: Blk-Red Pedigree:  S.V.
Weight: 85 Lbs. Sex: male Training Sch 3 FH
Age: 1/19/03 Price: $12,500 Training Log:  n/a

Description:  Tim is a 3 yr old Sch3 with FH, this is the highest level of tracking because it has cross tracks in it as well as turns, articles and the scent being 3 years old! I saw him when he was younger and was very impressed then as well. He has been doing more than a normal level of training for competitions, but has a flaw when he is tracking, he gets nervous if the handler does. This is good and bad, ( bad for scores but good because it shows how connected he is to the handler ) .

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