Sammy De versatile

Birth Country:   Germany Color: Dark Sable Pedigree:   SV
Weight:   85 Lbs. Sex: Male    
Age: 5 years Price: $26,500 Training Log: Available by request

Description: Sammy is a Sch3 male, very protective and civil. He is ok with other female dogs but is very tough! He was in a family with kids . Sammy is a very high level protection dog, he likes to bark like crazy at strangers when he is in his kennel. His pedigree has 2 very famous dogs in it, Yoshi and Sid (see pedigree pictures). One very special quality is his courage test as well as when he is heeling, he lifts his feet like a prancing horse.. Sammy loves to chase tennis balls, people that have seen him make comments like "he has turbo, or something!" the dog is fast.. We are not in a hurry to sell him, in fact we are going to start police narcotics & currency detection training with him this month.. Recently we have shown him to ride on a ATV as well as doing some "out of the box" training where the attacker shoots a gun and escapes with a ATV, but Sammy catches up and takes him out! (see below). He is very versitile and can be shown anything.





ATV gun attack, video Blind work (searching) Kidnap training ATV riding

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