Ron von der Burg Haidstein

Birth Country: Germany Color: Blk-Red Pedigree:  S.V.
Weight: 85 Lbs. Sex: male Training Sch 3 KK1
Age: 1/29/03 Price: contract pending Training Log:  n/a

Description:  Ron is a Sch3 KK1 the best titles and show rating for breeding. He works great, I saw him on one of my previous trips but the owner would not sell him. Now I'm getting him! Good with kids and animals. The value of doing what International K-9 does is finding a dog that is great but also knowing what can be fixed. in the last competition Ron was retrieving the dumbbell over a wall but he came back slower than he jumped over, loosing him points. Our competitors would sell this dog for 25k-30k, it is not common to find a 3 yr. old Sch3. The owner knows this and it is reflected in the price. This dog would be a great Christmas present.

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