Birth Country:  Germany Color: Dark sable Pedigree:   SV
Weight:  85 Lbs. Sex: Male    
Age:  3 years old Price: $15,600 Training : SCH 1

Description: Niko is a Sch1 we found for a client that was waiting for a high end dog at an affordable price. He is GORGEOUS, we found him but the client passed away before we could deliver him.. It took us 6 months to locate a get him for the wheelchair training you see in the video below. Not all dogs have the right temperament to be good with strange things like a wheelchair and also be in a busy place like a casino, Niko is a very special dog, there were talks among the owner in Germany to try to get him into the world competition in the next year or two, (before we got him). He has been shown everything, guns, multiple attackers, home searching and much more. He is fully trained in tracking, so we could bridge that into hunting if you like to hunt.. Every day he comes out and goes of on his own to find a toy to play with. He is something your whole family is going to enjoy. Training log shows the client that got him was in the hospital and we did add a lot of training to Niko, even intro. to BIRDS! He knows what to do for guns, as well as kidnapping. He has energy but is very calm in the house, a great dog for some one that wants a best friend for them or their child.
      Obedience video
"leave it" video Chair training in store Chair protection

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