Birth Country:   Germany Color: almost all Black Pedigree:   SV ( German )
Weight:   85- 90  Lbs. Sex: Male    
Age: only 2 yrs. old Price: $14,500 Training Log: Available by request

Description: IPO is the same a Sch1, fully trained in tracking, obedience and protection but IPO has all breeds of dogs that are able to do all stages (working breeds) to compete against, making it a little harder in the scoring of the dogs. He is in the same family that trained and raised him. Usually the dogs are 2 years old before they get their first title, just shows he works better than most because he is so young. If you are one of those clients that want a trained dog but still want him young, here ya go! He is great with kids and also animals. he has a energetic character, good for a traveling companion and shows that energy in his work. Yasko has a super pedigree and would be great for breeding (to another import). his obedience and protection are both top shelf.!

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