DONNER vom Primsblick (contract pending)

Birth Country:   Germany Color: Dark Sable Pedigree:   SV
Weight:   80-90Lbs. Sex: Male  Price  $18,500
Age: 3 1/2 - 4ys. Tattoo# I-B 8153 Training Log: Available by request

Description: He was fresh out of the box, a 18 hour confinement with no drugs, arriving in Texas to meet his new owner he was ready to go. The videos and pictures below are from the day he got here! This guy is great. Donner is being shown to ride on a ATV, he also will be shown to search a house for the bad guy as well as being shown "poison proofing" him too, (video to come). The price of this dog reflect the bad Euro-dollar exchange, but does include the shipping from Germany to the US & customs taxes and costs..3/17/08 poison proofing almost done as well as riding on the ATV!








Obedience & PP ATV training    

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