BOY vom Luttursbruch

Birth Country:  Germany Color: Blk-Red Pedigree:   SV
Weight:  85 Lbs. Sex: Male    
Age:  4 yrs.     Training : SCH 2

Description: Boy, a sch2 KK1 is right out a family in Germany and good with kids, cats animals est.. The character is very good and he is extremely nice. The only bad thing about this dog is he is already sold (sorry).. We have come across many names, my favorite was "Life" ,"BOY" is a unique name, he probably has a different call name. The breeders at time of registering the dogs have to make the 1st letter in the name correspond with haw many litters they have had. (this would be the 2nd for this kennel.) This dogs show card has him with a "V" rating, meaning he is the best confirmation and would catch about $1k per breeding in the right circles. The dog is not cheap with the poor Euro exchange but he is well trained and worth it!       - click on picture of papers or dog to see larger version-



SEE a clip from Germany Obedience only    

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