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Our Unique Process
"If you can dream the dog, put in the "wish list" (below) we'll get you you'r perfect dog.."    Steve Blair

Q: How does International K9 find the dog that matches my exact wishes?
A: We use our unique three step process not only produces superior dogs, but ensures you get the results you expect.

Step 1: Selection
It all starts with what we call the "Wish List," where you dream up and define your perfect dog. With this list profiling the dog, we travel to Germany to begin the selection process. Once there, our German partners provide literally hundreds of dogs for our scrutiny and testing, all dogs are fully trained in "Schutzhund". Once a dog is selected, International K9 handles the hassles of importing an animal into the United States and then hand delivers the dog to your location.

Step 2: Education
During delivery, your education of the dog is critical and directly affects your ability to control the dog. For the next days, International K9 teaches you everything you will need to know to get the most from your relationship with your new dog. You will learn the proper places to stand for various situations, how to feed and care for the dog, and test all of your dog's special abilities you wished for first hand. If needed, your dog will be delivered worldwide and your training will be done at your home. If you follow our instructions you WILL have the perfect dog for you.

Step 3: Personalization
Obviously, this process cannot be done overnight. In fact, because we are determined to find each client their dream dog, this process may sometimes create a waiting list of 2 to 6 months. Working with only 5 clients at a time, International K9 provides the level of personalization needed to supply your perfect dog.

Q: What makes International K-9 different than other company's?

A:  we only deal with five clients at a time, we get the right dog for the right person or family.

B:   we deliver it personally so we can fully educate you and your family with the dog then do the training/ simulations to be sure you and the dog are both working correctly.

C:   We guarantee the training of our dog for it's life by servicing our clients as they request, so if you have a dog for two years and get a new home or need to adjust or show your dog something new all you have to do is call and fly us there and we will be right there for you!

d:   one of our representatives are available to you 24 hours a day all year, (allow 24 hours for a return call), so we may help you with even the smallest of questions about your dog.

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